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Daddy gives the kids a choice of activities before school:  go on a walk with Daddy and the dogs or take a bath.  The kids, of course, choose the walk because they want to spook the witches in the neighborhood (which have taken the form of crows).  They used to “clap” the crows to scare them away, but after all of Daddy’s yarn-spinning, they grab their wands before heading out to the stroller…

C: Daddy, look!  Is that Zagrimor?
D (sizing up the crow): No, that’s not big enough to be Zagrimor.  Zagrimor is a big, big, big blackbird, Cory!
F: When we see Zagrimor, can you tell us what the spell is to clap him with our wand?
C: We can spell him because it is daytime right now, right, Daddy?
D (thinking): Yes, guys, you can shoo him better during the day.  Don’t confront Zagrimor at night, though.  That’s not a good idea.
F: But what is the spell? Do you know?
D (having got it): Well, that one’s easy, guys.  You just point your wand and say, “Zagriless!” We don’t want more of Zagrimor. We want less, right? So, “zagriless” is the spell.

The kids point their wands at every crow along the walk:  zagriless, zagriless, zagriless!

C (turning to Daddy): What happens when you say, “Zagrizero!” Daddy?
D: That works just as well.

No one walking out to their cars to head to work appreciated that the twins — running after birds at 8 a.m. yelling, Zagriless! Zagrizero! Zagriless! — were on neighborhood (witch)watch.  Only Daddy thanked them for their service.

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