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You Must Be My Lucky Star

Cory comes out of her room with about eight bracelets on each arm, and a mesh head band coiled around her wrist like a lace glove.

D: Cory! Wow! You go put a huge bow on your head, and you’re bringing back Madonna’s Lucky Star look.
C: Who is Adonna Lucky Star?
D: Well…
C: Can I wear this to school?
D: Um…

Daddy edits her down to two bracelets on the right hand, and the “lace glove” on the left. He shows her a minute of Madonna’s Lucky Star video. Cory smiles.

Later, at pickup, the kids at the Y are playing Freeze Dance. They dance to the music, but when it stops, they have to freeze. Cory wins, working her “lace glove” and bracelets the whole time. Luckily, she didn’t actually use any of Madonna’s moves from the video, though…

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