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Witch Droppings

As Daddy drops the twins off at preschool, a fun parent of one of their classmates says, “Hey, I heard you had an incident at the house…?”

D (confused): We did?
Parent: I heard that you had a witch visit you in your house. Fisher told Sean all about it, and now it’s all Sean can talk about.
D: Oh, oh! That’s just a story that the kids and I have together.
Parent (laughing): Yah, Sean woke up the other night with a bad dream about it.
D: Oh, no! See, they think palm fronds that fall on the trees below are witches’ brooms. So, I drove over and got one of the fronds and put it in the back yard, so…(continuing past Parent’s now confused look)…when they got up, they saw the palm frond outside and thought that a witch had dropped it in our back yard overnight, and…
Parent (smiling): Okay, okay, I’m gonna just tell Sean that it was a pretend witch, not a real person.

Parent heads off to tell Sean that it was a pretend witch, not a real person. The pre-school had a “graduation” ceremony and party for the kids moving up from pre-K to TK (transitional kindergarten), after which Papa and Daddy immediately resolve to downplay that move each year, from level to level, in favor of an expectation that kids, and the twins in particular, are to successfully navigate all of the grades. You might very well be a star, but not because you worked through all of the paint and strung all of the beads available in pre-K.

And, because the twins are now moving on from this preschool to TK at the local public school (read, free) two blocks from the house, Sean will have other fish to fry at night than witch droppings at Cory’s and Fisher’s house…

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