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Voices of Those Children

Two quotes from yesterday, one from a judge on the legal front lines and one from a twin on the real front lines…

JUSTICE KENNEDY:  We have five years of information to weigh against 2,000 years of history or more.  On the other hand, there is an immediate legal injury or legal — what could be a legal injury, and that’s the voice of these children.  There are some 40,000 children in California, according to the Red Brief, that live with same-sex parents, and they want their parents to have full recognition and full status.  The voice of those children is important in this case, don’t you think?

Fisher’s voice, after school following a morning of simplified civics lessons on the law and people like Daddy and Papa…

F (arriving home from school): Daddy!

Daddy chases a crying Cory.

F (following):  Daddy!

Daddy consoles Cory after some forgettable hiccup.

F (excited):  Daddy!
D:  Yes, Fisher?
F (urgent even):  Daddy, did Obama let you have your party today!?
D:  What, Fisher?
F:  Daddy, but I asked you! Did Obama let you have your party today!
D (smiling):  Not yet, Fisher. The Court just heard arguments today.  They’ll decide in June.
F:  In June?  Is today June?
D:  No, June is a few months away.
F:  After this day, is it June?
D:  In a few months it’ll be June.
F:  That is taking a long day.

If Justice Kennedy had spent yesterday hanging out with Fisher and Cory instead of sitting on bench, this thing might be in the history books already.

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