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“Too Sweet” Boomerang

Daddy takes the twins to Cold Stone Creamery.  Each gets to order a kid-sized cup with whatever ice cream, along with three toppings.

C:  Fisher, don’t eat too fast.  Your head is gonna hurt!

F just smiles and shovels.

D:  This ice cream is so yummy, isn’t it?
C:  Can I try yours, Daddy?

C tries it.

D:  Yummy, huh?
C (shaking head yes):  Do you wanna try mine?

D tries it.

C:  Yummy, right?

D hesitates.

C:  Yours is better than mine, Daddy.  I like yours better.
F:  Can I try yours, Daddy?

F tries it.

D:  Yummy, huh?

F shakes his head yes but returns to shoveling his own in.  Cory’s eating slows to a crawl then stops.

D:  Cory, why aren’t you eating yours?
C:  Because it’s getting to be too sweet.
D:  Oh.
C:  Fisher, is yours getting too sweet?
F:  Yes.
C:  Fisher, I have a good idea.  Iffin it gets too sweet, we should stop eating, right?
F:  Right.
C:  Let’s go throw the rest away, okay?
F (enthusiastically):  Okay!

The two of them march, messy half-eaten cups in hand, over to the trash can and ceremoniously throw them away.  They return to Daddy…who’s continuing through a Gotta Have It sized “Cookie Don’t You Want Some.”  They stare.

C:  Daddy, why…
D (realizing):  Oh, this just got too sweet, guys.  Ima listen to my body and throw the rest away.  Next time I shouldn’t order such a big portion.  Can you guys remind me?
F:  Yes.

Some lessons boomerang.

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