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They Do Windows

Talk on a lazy Saturday turns to allowance.

The twins play some game with coins that leads them to their room to open a piggy bank. They come out together.

F: Daddy, why don’t we get…
C: Daddy, can we get allowance?
D: Omigosh, guys! That’s such a good idea. We haven’t been keeping up with that, have we?
F/C: No.
C: How do we get allowance again? Can I do the windows to get allowance?
D: Well, remember the rules, only one time out per week. You can’t earn any allowance if you have more than one time out in a week. Like this week, when you had to go to your room during dinner?
C: Oh. But, can I do the windows, too?
D: Let’s think about that. But, Rule Number One is only one time out in the week, okay?
C (biting her lip): Okay.
F: What else do we have to do? Can we clean the windows? But, do we have to clean our room?
D: That’s a great idea! You GET to clean your room and your office. You GET to straighten them up. How about you guys work together to clean up your room and office, and, Fisher, you vacuum the living room, and, Cory, you clean the hardwood floors?
C: Okay. And the windows.
F: Yah, and the windows.

They are obsessed with the windows, which they take on as Job One. White rags, water, inside and out, fun music playing.

D (seeing Cory work some moves into her swipes): Hey, guys, should we judge the windows on technical merit AND artistic impression? Technical merit could be how clean the windows end up, and…
C: Artistic impression could be whether we show our moves?
D: Yep!

They both start dancing as they wash. Daddy decides to laugh, rather than record. Fisher is working it. Cinder is fascinated with the kids, the rags, the water, the windows, the moves.

Over an hour later, the house is immaculate. Immaculate. No corners cut. For good or for ill, they’ve demonstrated that they CAN do a great job cleaning up, moves included, when they put their minds to it. Near perfect scores for technical merit plus decent artistic impression means a ch-ching, ch-ching, couple dollars worth.

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