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The Hat’s Just Blue

M: Hey, did they win today?

Daddy keeps loading up Gala apples for the week. The kids each eat one per day, and that keeps the doc…

W: Do you know if they won today?
D (glancing up): I’m…

A younger guy and girl are smiling from over by the pears. She’s probably not his wife. Most married couples don’t shop together…

W (gesturing up with her head): Did those guys win today?
M: Last I saw…
D (aaaaahhhh, so annoying, flicking his hat): Oh, I’m not really a Red Sox fan. I just wear the hat.
M/W (laughing a little): Oh!
D: Yah, my partner used to live in Boston, so I just wear the hat. Because it’s blue.
W (punching him in the arm): See! See!? Thank you. (Punching playfully some more.) I told you!
M (giving me an “ah, man, you screwed me look”): Ah, man, now I’m…!
W (laughing): He isn’t a Giants fan. Hates them. But I told him that he should wear…
M: Just because she likes ‘em? I don’t think so.
W: Yes, you should. If you…
M: No, way, man!
They continue to banter and touch each other a little too much. Probably not husband and wife. Dating, definitely. Daddy begins moving away from being the third on this date. They take a break from, um, ribbing each other.
M (grinning): See ya, man. (Faux sarcastic.) Thanks a lot!
W (grinning): Yah! (Faux genuine.) Yah, thank you so much!

They look happy and giddy and all’s-right-with-the-world-ish. Daddy just smiles and continues backing away from the foreplay/afterglow/whatever mess this Red Sox hat just stepped in.

Done with odd social interactions about a random team on the other side of the country, Daddy, upon arriving home, orders two more tennis hats. Cory thinks Nadal’s going to win a tenth French — “he’s the best” — but Fisher is not so sure because “ten times is just a lot.” Daddy can’t wait to hear what the woman buying organic salted cashews or the man waiting around at the gas pump thinks…

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