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The Dentist’s Chair

“Cory and Fisher, we are ready for you.”

Fear hits Cory in a full waiting room. Daddy has to carry her into the right room and coax her into the dentist’s chair. She is crying but eventually curls up on it.  The assistant directs Daddy to a chair in the corner within eyesight but away from the action.  At first, Fisher sits on Daddy’s lap as Daddy produces a constant stream of reassuring noises.  The assistant manages to get a bib on Cory before leaving the room, but Cory is making moves toward getting back off that chair.

Fisher gets off Daddy’s lap and walks back around to stand next to Cory…

F (patting Cory’s leg): It’s okay, Cory.
C whimpers.
F (artificially high voice): They’re not going to do anything sad to you, Cory.
C whimpers and looks at Daddy.
F (continuing the patting, voice still high): It’s okay. They’re not going to do anything sad to you, Cory.
C whimpers but stops fidgeting toward the edge of the chair.
F (pointing to a ring they’d been arguing over in the waiting room): I gave that ring to you, remember, Cory? I gave that ring to you so it will be okay, Cory.
C calms down, starting to pull it together.
F: I gave that ring to you, Cory, so…

The two rinse and repeat until Dr. Nola arrives.  Cory makes it through, thanks to a little help from her Wonder Twin.



He is the sweetest boy ever!!

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