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Thanks, Plates!

Other kids over on a Saturday, shoes off to accommodate trips onto and off of the trampoline, Fisher stubs a toe while avoiding the pot containing these flowers. He yells “ow” and keeps running into the house. Guest comments, “Fisher just hurt his foot.” Psshht, he’s fine. He comes back outside a couple minutes later, big toe covered in blood. As soon as Daddy picks him, he begins to cry.

F: Daddy, it really hurts.
D: I know, Fisher. You hurt your toe worse than I thought. Let’s go take a look.
F: I need a Band-Aid! Right now! Right now!

Fisher lies out out on the bed. Daddy assembles everything needed to clean and bandage the foot up. A nice chunk of the tip of his toe has been scraped bloody. It looks pretty ugly.

F (as Daddy dabs it): It really hurts. Ow! Ow! Ow!
D: Sorry, Fisher. It’ll only take a second.
F: I hope the plates start working now. Ow! Ow! It hurts.
D: It’ll be fine in just a sec. Don’t look at it. Just let me get it cleaned up, okay?
F: Okay. I hope those plates just start working. It really hurts.
D (plates?): I’m sure it does, but it won’t hurt that bad in a minute. I think we need two Band-Aids.
F (pulling his foot close to his face to see): Yes, we need two. Hurry! I don’t think those plates are working.
D (huh?): Fisher, what do you mean?
F: Those plates! Ow! Are they working, Daddy?
D: I don’t know what you mean.
F: Those plates in my blood. The ones you said just er, eh, uh stop the blood.
D (smiling, emphasizing the “lets”): Those are platelets. Yes, they are working. See, it’s not bleeding as much any more.
F: Are they making fibers there?
D: Yes. They are making a nice little net across the whole spot. Soon it’ll be a scab.
F: And no more blood can get out?
D: That’s right.
F: I need two Band-Aids though, right, Daddy?
D: Right. Two should do it. And I think it’s time for socks and shoes, too, okay?
F (as Daddy moves to throw the wipes away, foot close to his face): Okay. Thank you, plates, for stopping that blood.

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