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Taena Strikes Again

C (emerging from her bedroom gap-toothed, bed-headed, and silver-glittered): Tooth fairy! Come!

Daddy goes. Fisher clears morning cobwebs with oohs and aahs at the trail of fairy dust from the window to the head of Cory’s bed. Her note from last night is gone.

C (tapping the shiny dust on her bed and pillow): She must have kissed me!
D: Kissed you? It looks like she rolled around with you all night.
C (handing over a blue note with a silver star on the front): Can you read this to me, please?

Fisher and Cory gather in his bunk, so as not to disturb the fairy dust in hers, to listen to Daddy read:

“Oh, Cory Bee, I am so glad you finally lost another tooth! Kirkle got to visit a while ago, and I was so jealous! I was worried sick you might lose your tooth up there in Sonoma. Then, my picklish little cousin Dellah would have visited you instead of me. Dellah’s usually nice, but at the Solstice this year, when I wasn’t looking, she took all the sparsley bits off my plate just to tease me! So rude!

Don’t tell anyone, but I was in a tree in a park near your house the other day, and I saw you and your Daddy playing tennis – oh, my gishy, Cory Bee! FLIRK! BOOM! SPURL! I loved watching you hit the ball! I haven’t smiled like that in months. Thank you! With love,

P.S. Please brush your gums a little bit more. It’s so, so important! Love you!”

She smiles, especially about the “picklish little cousin Dellah” in Sonoma. But, then they get to work. Collecting fairy dust is both exhilarating and exacting.

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