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Sundown Eclipses Serena

At this year’s trip to the BOTW Classic tennis tournament at Stanford, there are two main stars: Serena Williams and sundown. As for Serena, when Daddy walks up to the gate to the stadium with the twins, she is warming up for her match so close by that Daddy could reach over the fence to lift up her headphones, you know, to see what she is listening to. The kids are amazed that the woman they’ve only seen on TV is right there. Daddy picks them each up to see. Serena’s bodyguard just glares.

As for sundown, well, before it…

C (after the first point of the match, sitting sun-in-face): Who won?
D (whispering): Serena.
C (blank stare): Oh. (After the next point.) Who won?
D (whispering): Pliskova.

Who won? Serena. Who won? Pliskova. Who won? Serena. Who won? Pliskova. Who won? Serena. Who won? Pliskova. Who won? Serena. Who won? Pliskova. Meanwhile, Fisher fidgeted. And sweated.

At sundown…ICE CREAM.

After sundown…

F (during doubles warmups): Daddy, who do you want to win?
D: The tall girls.
F (turning to Uncle Pierce): Who do you want to win?
UP: The short girls.

Cory teams up with Uncle Pierce to root for the short girls (even though Cory is going to be a tall girl). Fisher teams up with Daddy to root for the tall girls. Breeze picks up. Crowd thins. Jackets come out. They each zap (with fingers crossed), clap, and snap to bring their team luck. Their faces rise and fall comically as their team either wins or loses a point. Every time the tall girls lose a point, Fisher’s shoulders drop, as he aaaaa-uuuuhhhh’s through a smile, while Cory gets in Daddy’s face to nanny-nanny-bootwhacker. And vice versa. At 9:30, after the first set, they don’t want to leave.

At bedtime, Fisher whispers, “Thank you for taking me to eh, er, uh tennis, Daddy. I liked it SO much. But, Daddy, I like the singles this much, [indicating a little] but I like the doubles THIS MUCH [indicating a lot].” Daddy smiles and kisses him good night: “You’re welcome, Fisher.” Cory has already passed out.

Of the two stars, they were definitely happier to see sundown…

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