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Soccer Versus Tennis

F: Soccer is better than tennis, right, Cory?
C: Uh huh. I like soccer better than tennis. But, soccer needs a team. And, tennis only needs two people.
F: Or four. That’s double.
C: And, when we are old like Daddy, it is hard to find ten or twenty people to make a team, so…
F: So, tennis is better?
C: Uh huh. When we are as old as Daddy, there aren’t any teams anymore.
F: But, we can play tennis when we are old.
C: Right. We can play with tennis with Daddy and Papa.
F: They will be too old to play tennis!
C: I don’t think so. We can play golf, too. Daddy said Papa is going to teach us to play golf.
F: So, when we are are eh, ur, er old like Papa, we can know how to play golf?
C: Yah, when we’re like 40 or 50 or something.
F: That’s old.
C: Uh huh. That’s old. But, we can still play tennis and golf and stuff.
F: But not soccer.
C: Uh huh. I told you. There aren’t any teams anymore. People are just busy working.
F: People are just being boring, right, Cory?
C: Uh huh.

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