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Shapes in My Taleidoscope

Cory falls asleep quickly after a day of walking downtown, visiting nurseries, learning to swim, planting flowers, and missing Papa (who is at a Giants game for the day).  Fisher does not.

F (in the dark, lying on Daddy’s left arm while Cory sleeps on Daddy’s right):  Daddy, will you be 100 some day?
D:  I hope so, Fisher.
F:  You are going to be so big then, Daddy.
D:  Well, I won’t keep growing, Fisher.  I’m done growing.  I’ll just get older.


F:  Daddy, what do angels do?
D:  I don’t know, Fisher.  Hopefully, they spend their time trying to help those they loved when they were alive.
F:  Angels are so powerful.  (Moving his arm up and down.)  Maybe they are helping me to move my arm like this.
D:  Maybe, Fisher.  Maybe.

Daddy sings “My Favorite Things” while Fisher plays with the kaleidoscope that Uncle Chris gave him that day.

D (rhythm slowed to a lullaby):  Girls in white dresses…with blue satin sashes…
F (looking into the kaleidoscope):  Daddy, I can’t see the shapes anymore.
D:  That’s because it’s dark in here.  Do you think the shapes are still there?
F:  Yes.
D:  Snowflakes that stay on my…
F:  Daddy?
D:  Yes?
F:  Maybe angels are like those shapes in my taleidoscope.  I can’t see them, but they are still there, right?
D (hugging him a little tighter):  That’s a good way to look at it, Fisher.  And those shapes in your taleidoscope are so beautiful, Fisher.
F (hugging back):  Daddy, you are so pretty.  You are prettier than me.
D:  Thanks, Fisher, but I am not anywhere near as handsome as you are.  You are my best boy, Fisher.
F:  And you are my best Daddy.

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