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Remembering Cabo

On the way back from Cabo, the family lost the “good” camera. The cab driver didn’t take it out of the back of the taxi when transferring everything to the Suburban at Aunt Tammie’s house. Efforts to track down the driver, the cab company, and the camera all failed; so, lost are all the pictures from Cabo…except…

C: Daddy, is that camera a new camera?
D: Yes, Cory. We lost the other one. And, we lost all of our pictures from the trip to Mexico. That makes me sad because we took so many pictures of you and Fisher swimming and riding down that water slide and playing tennis and all that other stuff.
C: I like that water slide.

Cory disappears. And returns a few minutes later with the iPod Touch.

C: Daddy, I took some pictures.
D: You did? Of what?
C: Of Mexico. Here, I’ll show you. (She quickly – scarily quickly – presses and swipes her way to the archive of pictures.) See, here are you and Fisher sleeping. Well, you are sleeping, Daddy, but Fisher is looking at me. See? That’s not my best one, though. (Swiping.) Here is my prettiest one. I like this one so much because you can see the ocean. (Pointing.) See, Daddy?

The 178-picture album that we now have is blurrier, a bit more repetitive, and…not exactly focused on the right subject matter, but, hey, better than nothing.

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