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Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Cory stares through a tired fog as Fisher leaves the dinner table to go potty. Abruptly, she gets up as well, padding over to Daddy, arms up for a hug.

D (turning in his seat, hugging her): Cory Bee, you are one tired little girl tonight, you know that?
C (hugging back): Uh huh.

Still scared of phantom spiders running around his bed, Fisher has been sleeping in the bottom bunk with Cory. The company at night means she doesn’t sleep as deeply or long. Cory releases the hug. She repositions herself on Daddy’s left side. She drapes her right arm down Daddy’s left. She tries to rest her left arm on Daddy’s left shoulder, but it is awkward. She puts it back around Daddy’s neck. She lays her head down on Daddy’s shoulder, looking out the window.

C: Daddy, I saw a picture in my room. Baby Cory is putting her head on your shoulder.


C (pressing her arm along Daddy’s): Like this. Daddy, do you want me to show you that picture?
D: I know that picture well, Cory.
C: You have a lot of freckles on your back, Daddy.


C: Daddy, can I stay here for a minute?
D: Of course you can. (After a few seconds…) Cory Bee, you are one tired little girl tonight, aren’t you?

Silence. Daddy reaches up to rest his hand on her head. Well more than a minute passes before either moves.

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