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Pulling Off Barbie

Each kid wearing a black blanket at breakfast to ward off the morning chill…

F: Daddy, can you tell us that story?
D: Which one?
F: The one about how er, eh, uh Kohl comes over to live with Boston and Quincy?
D: Sure. Maybe tonight.
C: Why haven’t you told us that one, Daddy?
D: Because you haven’t been as interested in bedtime stories. On the weekends, you keep asking to watch some TV instead.
C: Oh.
F: Well…
C: Well, Daddy, we just like to watch some TV so we can see all the good actors.
F: Yah, there are so many good actors, Daddy.
D: Like who?
F: Like Spiderman and…um…Green Lantern and…
C (shaking her head knowingly): And Barbie. Daddy, she’s a *really* good actor.
D: That’s hard work. For a cartoon. To act like that. I can see why you would want to catch that.
F: Yah. Spiderman has to act like a spider, so…
C: And Barbie has to act like…(pause)…Barbie, so…
F: Yah, Daddy, can you act like a spider?
D: Not as well as Spiderman can. And I certainly couldn’t pull off a credible Barbie.
F: So…
C: So…


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