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Oogala Boogala II

The twins encountered a scary witch or two this past Halloween.  Since then, they — especially Fisher — have developed an interest in a witch’s powers…

F:  Daddy, what witches can do?
D:  Oh, some witches can cast spells on you.
F:  What a spell can do?
D:  Some spells can turn you into things, like a frog.  But just pretending.  Do you wanna be a frog, Fisher?
F:  No!

Later, after reading “Brave” closer to Christmas…

F: What else witches can do, Daddy?
D: Some witches get a big black pot, called a cauldron.  Can you say cauldron?
F/C: Cauldron!
D: And they mix things like newt livers, crow’s talon, and belly button lint to make tricksy potions.
C: What does a tricksy potion do?
D: Depends on what’s in it, of course.  The old witch in the wood made a potion to turn the queen into a bear.  Cory, do you want to be a bear?
C: No!

Crows and witches come together when Daddy takes the twins for a Valentine’s Day walk. As the sun begins to set, they approach a walkway between two cul-de-sacs in the neighborhood, the walkway lined by tall fences and even taller trees, making it prone to evening shade…

D: Now, stay close, guys, because witches get more powerful as night falls, and if any of them are around, we need to be careful.
F (already holding Daddy’s hand, staring at the now-ominous walkway ahead, squeezing): Daddy!
D (hearing a blackbird cry): What was that?
C (grabbing Daddy’s hand): What?
D: Did you hear that?
F: That was a bird, right?
D: Well…
C: What, Daddy?
D (worried voice): Witches sometimes hide in the form of big, black birds…either by choice or because they’ve been changed by a spell into one. So, we need to be careful of the blackbirds, guys.
F/C (squeezing, trying to stop, as Daddy moves toward walkway): Daddy, no!
D: It’s okay, guys, come on.  Daddy knows some spells, and it is still light enough outside for them to have some juice.  Stick close, though.

F/C squeeze but move forward.

D: Fisher, do I still have that purple flower on my ear?
F (pointing to the flower that he gave to Daddy earlier on the walk): It’s right there. On your ear, Daddy.
D: Good. Now, stick close, guys.  Here we go.

The three move toward the darkening passageway…


Sandi Athanassiou

Mike, stop scaring those poor kids! They will have nightmares! LOL!

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