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Mrs. Lamb asks Cory whom she wants to introduce first. She points to Papa. She stumbles a bit, deciding whether he should be Papa, Darin, Mr. Darin, etc. to the class. Mrs. Lamb helps her settle on “Mr. Medeiros,” which clearly sounds new and odd to her. She answers a few questions; for example, telling the class that she likes to cook with Papa.

Mrs. Lamb then asks Cory whom she wants to introduce next. She points to Daddy. She stumbles a bit, this time not with the form of the introduction. It’s clearly going to be Mr. Whatever. She struggles with the “whatever.” Daddy whispers, “Wickey.” She smiles and turns, “This is my Daddy, Mr. Wickey.”
The kids giggle, either because Cory couldn’t remember Daddy’s last name or because Wickey is a funny last name. It’s all good-natured. She then answers a question or two. What do you like to do with Daddy? Blank face. Staring at Daddy. Cheeks a little red. Then, in a halting voice, “I like to do puzzles with my Daddy.” (Note to self, dust off the puzzles.)

Later, Daddy teases her gently about not remembering Wickey. She laughs, explaining that a whole room full of people were looking at her, making it hard to think.

D (tickling her): You did great. Everyone needs a nudge now and then. And, it’ll get easier as you get used to it. Besides you have to remember two names for your daddies.
C: Medeiros for Papa and Wickey for Daddy.
D: Yep. Should I change my name to Medeiros to make it easier?
C (wrinkling her nose): No! You are Michael Wickey, not Michael Medeiros. Michael Medeiros? (Laughing.) That sounds funny.

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