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Make a Run for It!

F (looking at pictures just downloaded, through an early morning haze): Why is Boston just standing there without his leash on?


D: That? Oh. Want me to tell you?
F: Uh huh.
D: I took Quincy and Cinder for a walk, like I always do, and Boston came along. You know Boston doesn’t go for many walk anymore?
F: Because he’s old?
D: Yep. Well, I took my phone along with me on the walk. Do you know why I did that?
F: Um…no.
D: I take my phone along just in case I need to call Papa.
F: Why do you need to call Papa?
D: Well, Boston is getting old. He might get too tired to walk anymore. Then, Papa might have to come and pick us up.
F: Oh. But, why is Boston just standing there with no leash on?
D: Because when Cinder comes along, he likes to walk Boston. He takes Boston’s leash in his mouth and walks along, kind of like HE’S walking Boston instead of Daddy.
F: He does?
D: Yep. Some puppies do that.
F: Puppies like Cinder?
D: Yep. Anyway, I was walking along reading stuff on my phone. That’s the down side of bringing a phone along on the walk. You look at your phone. And, Quincy was in front, as usual, and Cinder was walking Boston way in the back, as usual. Or so Daddy thought. I looked back at Cinder, and he had Boston’s leash in his mouth, and Boston’s collar was on that leash, but that collar was not around Boston!
F: It wasn’t? It came off?
D: Yep.
F: Where was Boston?
D: He was standing a pretty good distance back down the street. Just standing there panting.
F: You almost left him?
D: Almost.
F: Is that where he was right there? In that picture?
D: Yep.


F: It looks like he is trying to hide from you.
D: Why do you say that?
F: He looks like one of those er, eh, uh animals that tries to be like hiding in the grass. (Pointing.) Those white spots look like those white spots. And his brown is like that brown. And his white is like that sidewalk.
D (smiling): You know, Fisher, you have a point. He looks like he’s trying to blend in.
F: He needs to have some green on his legs.
D: That would help, sure, but it might look funny.
F:Maybe he just didn’t want to go on that walk anymore. Did you call Papa?
D: No. I took the leash out of Cinder’s mouth and put the collar back on Boston, and we finished the walk.
F: Oh. That’s a little bit sad for Boston.

Yes, it is. Poor Boston, too old and too stiff to lie down and take full advantage of natural camouflage.

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