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Looking for Fisher-opsis

Daddy is walking the twins and the dogs in the morning while living in this rental house.  So, the kids get a lesson in flowers and flower names every day:  bouganvillea (Papa hates it), hibiscus (Daddy loves it), lantana (that’s a funny name), bearded iris (purple with a gold eye), sweet broom (can you sweep with it), jasmine (smells so pretty), on and on…

D:  Guys, you know this one!
F:  Geranium.
C:  Daddy doesn’t like geraniums.
D:  Does Papa?
C:  No.
D:  Why not?
F (slowly):  Because…they…are…overrated.
D:  That’s right, so overrated.  I mean, really, guys, just look at that sad geranium compared to, say, those hydrangeas over there or those…
C (pointing and smiling):  Daddy, look!
D (looking):  Oh, that’s that special flower, right?  (Pause.)  What’s that flower called again, I forget…
C (shyly):  Coreopsis.
D:  That’s right!  That’s your Cory-opsis.
F:  I like coreopsis.  (Pause.)  But, Daddy, where is the Fisher-opsis?


D:  Well, I don’t know, Fisher.  It’s been a long day since I’ve seen some Fisher-opsis.  That’s the rarest of flowers, you know.  Rare…and beautiful and powerful.
F: What color is it?
D (orange is Fisher’s favorite color): Anaranjado, of course. An orange so deep, you have to say it in Spanish when you see it.
F:  Can you just show me some Fisher-opsis sometime?
D:  If we come across some, Fisher, Ima gonna point it out to you.
F (smiling):  Thank you, Daddy!

We’ve been looking for Fisher-opsis ever since.


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