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Kids Are Gross

After a third (!) pumpkin patch visit of the year, Cory has a Blow-Pop in the back seat of the car. She keeps dropping it as she babbles with Fisher.  Daddy watches as she picks it back up and puts it in her mouth.  At somepoint, she stares at her hand, all three hundred sixty sticky degrees of it.  She moves the candy to her other hand and proceeds to lick a finger.  Fascinated to see how far she’ll pursue this, Daddy just watches via the rear view mirror instead of jumping in to give her a wipe.  She gets through a good fraction of the entire surface of the sticky hand, wrist to tips, before Daddy can’t stand it any longer and intervenes.

Definitely gross, but…hmmmm…let’s see…rarely sick? That’s it, rarely sick. At least they are rarely sick.

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