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Just Ke$ha

Safe ground quickly turns quicksand…Papa entertaining guests, Daddy sings at bedtime, “…and two eyes made out of coal…”

C (interrupting):  Daddy, what are my eyes made of?
D:  Um, your eyes are made of the prettiest blue-y blue I’ve ever seen.
C:  How do they stay there, though?  How does my body keep them?
D (um, can we get back to Frosty?):  They are connected to your body, Cory.
C:  Until I die?
D (uh oh):  Yes, for your whole life.
C:  I don’t want to die, Daddy.  When I am going to die?
D (okay, left field..Sandy Hook news snippet…what?):  Not for a long, long day, Cory.

F:  Daddy, where is heaven?
D (you too?):  Oh, heaven is a nice place. But, it’s Christmas here right now, and Frosty…
F:  Am I going to go to heaven when I die?
D: (where’d this come from…cousin who passed away at 12…what?):  Why, yes, of course, heaven is such a nice place. Now, remember…
C:  You don’t come back from heaven, Fisher.
F:  Daddy, I don’t want to go to heaven. I want to stay here with you.
D (squeezing both):  I want…
C (‘rupting again):  Daddy, why she say she going to die young? Am I going to die young?
D (huh?):  Who is she?
C (faux exasperation):  She on the radio.  That girl, she say we’re going to die young.

Pause…ah hah!…not Sandy Hook…not cousin untimely taken…just Ke$ha…

D:  Oh!  Sorry, Cory.  She’s just saying to make sure that you tell everyone you love them, just-in-casers, you know, so that everyone knows, just-in-casers.  Very important to remind people that you love them.  I’ll go first.  Fisher, I am so happy you are my son…

Sappy circle of “I love you’s” ensues, sans reflections on mortality.  Keeping the radio trained to carols for remainder of season…

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