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Independent Women

Halloween brings a roller coaster to the twins…well, to Cory:  first, self-conscious about wearing her costume to school; upon seeing some of the other kids in costumes when we got there, self-conscious to be in street clothes and shyly wanting her costume on immediately; after putting it on, self-conscious to be costumed, clinging to Daddy harder than the first day of school and begging not to be left there.  (Of course, Fisher was like, “whatever” on the ups and “whatever” on the downs.)  Daddy kicks the costumed kid out of the nest and leaves, but…

…in solidarity with her self-consciousness coaster, Daddy is left thinking about places and times where he’s felt the same over his life.  So, at Gold’s this morning, he decides to be “that guy” who sings audibly and moves visibly to his iPod, you know him, usually some big dude humming and moving to some classic rock or metal-seeming something or other, giving out mean looks…

But, Daddy doesn’t have that guy’s iPod, so…”All the women who’re independent, throw your hands up at me”…dance version, sung audibly…”all the honeys who makin’ money”…movin’ with some ‘tude between sets on the bench.

Um, there aren’t many independent women around (read, none); so, while Daddy gets some, you know, looks, no one threw their hands up at him, and he wasn’t self-conscious at all.

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