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Ice Like Elsa

Always on the lookout for new weapons to use against the dastardly Black Widow Spider, Wonder Boy introduces “blue hair” to the battle. It fizzles. No good use, beyond comedy, can be found for the fitted sheet.

F (breaking character): Daddy, it just gets in the way.
D (knowing they’ve been watching a little Spiderman and Friends with Papa on Saturday mornings): Hmmm. You know, that blue is really blue. It’s like ice blue.
F: But, it just doesn’t work.
D: But, it’s blue…like water…maybe frozen water, like ice…and [touching it] kind of cold.
F: No, it’s not.
D (touching it gingerly and jumping back): Oh, spiders don’t like cold!
F (smiling): It’s cold?
D (Black Widow Spider voice): Don’t you spray me with that ice, Wonder Boy!
F (gears turning): You know, it could be like the ice that Iceman can shoot. I like the Iceman. Because he can just shoot ice like Elsa. (Pause.) Cory! Cory! I have new powers like Iceman and Elsa. See, I show you…

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