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Ice Cream…with a Spoon

C: Daddy, I’m glad that I’m a person.
D: Oh, yah? So am I, Cory. (Pause.) Why?
C: Because if I am not a person, then I can’t have a brain or a body or my arms.
D: That’s right. Well, kind of right. I mean, you could be something else that has a brain and a body and some arms.
C (not having thought of that): Oh.
D: Why else do you like being a person?
C (thinking): Because if I am not a person, I can’t play with my friends or run around the playground or…
D: Well, what if you were a dog? You would have a brain and a body and some “arms,” well, you’d have four legs, and you could run around the playground AND play with your friends.
C: But, I could eat chocolate if I were a person. Dogs can’t eat chocolate.
D: But…
C: What?
D: Cats can. So…
C (thinking): But, if I am a dog or a cat, I can’t eat ice cream…
D: Oh, yes, you could…
C (smiling): …with a spoon.
D (laughing and leaving aside trained apes): Well, you got me there. Dogs and cats can’t eat ice cream with a spoon. Cory, I’m glad that you are a person because I can talk with you and make you laugh and teach you things that only people can learn.
C: Me, too. (Pause.) Daddy, can I have some ice cream for dessert?

She’d been angling all afternoon, cheeky little monkey, and she got some a couple hours later: a kid-sized scoop with three chocolate chips, all on a spoon.

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