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Hungry for the Weekend

C: How many days until it’s the weekend?
D: One. Tomorrow.
F: And after tomorrow, it’s the weekend?
D: Yes.
C: Yay! Then we can watch movies and eat ice cream and…
F: …go to the beach and fly kites and ride our bikes and…
D (laughing): Um, like the weekdays at camp are so hard? You know, when you draw pictures and play games with your friends and go swimming every day and make sun visors and jellyfish and slide down a water slide and…


C: No, Daddy. When it’s the weekend, we get to stay with Papa and with you.
F: Yah.

Aaaawwww, so sweet.

C (smiling): And we don’t have to eat eggs for breakfast.
F: Yay! Daddy, can Papa make waffles for breakfast on the weekend?

Aaaawwww, such a sweet tooth.

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