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Hoping for a Graveyard Liftoff

In the nearby “broom graveyard,” Fisher gives it his best cackle. Despite Daddy’s warning that an old, discarded broom does occasionally come back to life, whisking its rider off to someplace exotic, magical, and scary, Cory climbs aboard.

Fisher tries really hard to kick “off the ground” a couple of times. Daddy is relieved that this particular broom is dead, as in, dead dead. “It probably only comes back to life at the deepest, darkest hour. Like midnight on Halloween.” Fisher gives it a wondering second look, after the walk moves along.

That night, at bedtime, following more Chamber of Secrets…

D: Who is the Slytherins’ new Seeker?
F: Ron Weasley!
D: Ron’s not a Slytherin, silly. It has to be…
C: Malfoy!
D: That’s right! And why did he…
F: Because his daddy bought the team those Nimbus 2001 brooms!
D (squeezing him): That’s right!
F: Harry Potter should buy the…what is his team called again?
C: The Gryffindors.
F: Harry Potter should use his coins in Gringotts to buy his team some Nimbus 2002 brooms, right, Daddy?
D: Oh, that’s a good idea. Except Harry might need that money for other things later, so…
More questions (they always want more questions) about Harry Potter and a lullaby or two later…
F: Daddy, can I ask you a question?
D: Sure.
F: Can I have a Nimbus 2002 for my birthday?
D: Oh, I wish, Fisher. But, there’s one problem.
F: What is it?
D: I don’t know how to get to Diagon Alley.
F: Oh, yah. That’s where Flourish and Botts is, right?
C (groggily): It’s in London. That’s a long day away, and Papa’s already in India, Fisher, so Daddy can’t just go to London. I miss Papa.

Daddy snuggles them and starts the last song.

F (slightly defeated): Oh, okay.

It’s a constant frustration to be so thoroughly Muggle-born.

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