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Han and Leia?

The next door neighbor boy recognizes an opportunity when he sees one.

He has proposed several times to Cory. Although Cory has been non-comittal, Pierce is unfazed. He has assured her, in measured, innocent, confident tones, that when they get older, they will indeed marry.

Another friend from Cory’s class has an awesome Star Wars themed birthday party. There are various Jedi training exercises to complete: a balloon hangs from a string in a gazebo, with handled pool noodles nearby, you know, for light saber training. There are laser (water) guns to shoot down big bubbles. There’s ewok food to restore energy. Costumes galore. On and on. Great fun.

Kids race everywhere. To the “mountain” (a Star Wars themed bouncy). Out of the “mountain.” To the “tower” (the play structure). Out of the “tower.” To the “forest” (a tree). Out of the “forest.” The birthday girl is the ring leader, zipping around in an Anakin costume with a light saber of her own. At some point, she jumps on a rocking horse (she has a baby brother) in the backyard. Other kids hop on behind her. Others climb on the metal supports. The makeshift tauntaun or speeder creaks, looking a little overloaded, but it somehow gets “Anakin” and her band of Jedi where they need to go. Off they leap, at which point Cory gives the thing a try…

…and Pierce pounces.

A passenger can’t stay on a tauntaun/speeder/motorcycle/whatever without wrapping arms around its rider, right? That kid’s no fool.

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