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Great Future Husband?

C (from their room): Daddy! I have a bad dream.Daddy’s eyes open. Ugh. Middle-of-the-night ugh.

C (a little louder): I have a bad dream, Daddy!

They have never been allowed to sleep in Daddy’s and Papa’s bed.

C (still louder): Daddy! Come! I have a bad dream!

Daddy gets out of bed and makes his way into hers. Snuggles and murmurs. Just as Daddy’s arm, underneath Cory’s head, starts to get uncomfortable, Fisher stirs in the top bunk. He climbs down.

F (whispering): Hi, Daddy.
D: Hi, Fisher.
F: Is there a spot for me?
D: Always.
F: Oh, there’s a spot.
He squeezes between Cory and the bedroom wall.

F: There.

Daddy reaches across Cory to hold his hand. Daddy wakes up who knows how much later. The arm under Cory is asleep. After a moment, Cory shifts, wrapping her arm around Fisher. By the night light, Daddy can see that Fisher is still awake. Fisher smiles at Daddy.
D (whispering): I’m going back to sleep in my bed, Fisher.
F: Okay, Daddy. You can just go back to sleep in your bed. I can sleep with Cory.
D: Love you, Fisher.
F (Cory’s arm wrapped around him): I love you, too, Daddy.

Papa finds them still sleeping together in the morning.

Whether knocking a basket over for Cory to find a toy or sharing his food with her when she’s hungry or helping her sleep after bad dreams, Fisher’s childhood seems like pretty good training to produce a great husband someday…

Have to scratch the bit about training for a good husband…or at least asterisk it. As Daddy hit post on this one this morning, Fisher (who had been up for about 20 minutes) runs into the bedroom. He apparently pulls the blankets off a sleeping Cory, while he yells (YELLS): “Wake up, wake up, you poop on the butt!” She was not amused.

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