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Goodbye, Cory McPhee

A third tooth comes out, and Cory McPhee is no more.

F: Can I write a note to your tooth fairy, Cory?
C: Sure, Fisher. (Gesturing to the seat across from her.) You can sit right there.
F: What’s your tooth fairy’s name again, Cory?
C: Taena.
F: Your tooth fairy is my tooth fairy’s sister, you know.
C: That’s right.
F: It’s so exciting that um, eh, er Taena is coming tonight! I wonder if her brother wishes he could visit me.
C: Well, he can’t, Fisher, not until you lose a tooth. Those are the rules.
F: Oooooh!
C: So, for now you should just write a note to my tooth fairy, okay? So, focus, okay, Fisher?
F (picking up a marker): Okay!

They focus.


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