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God Bless Kurt

D (singing): …and all those children (sigh), heaven bless them, they will look up…hey, guys, what are the names of the captain’s seven children?
F: Maria’s children, Daddy?
D: Yes, Maria’s. Can you name them?
F: Liesl!
D (surprised): That’s right, Fisher. Can you name another one?


F: Greta!
D (very surprised): That’s right, too, Fisher.

The rest require hints.

D: God bless…
C: America!
D: No, Maria is praying on her first night, and she is asking to bless each of the kids, and she can’t remember the second boy, so she says, “God bless…”
F: America!
D: Well, no, she says, “God bless…” and then his name.
F: What’s his name?
D: That’s the question.

Who’s on first continues for a bit…

D: Kurt! His name is Kurt! Maria says, “God bless, Kurt!”

Couple of days later on the walk…

C: Ask us who Maria’s kids are!
D: Who are Maria’s kids?
C and F (jumbled): Liesl! Friederic! Greta! Liesl! Marta! God bless Kurt! Luisa! Friederic! Greta! Marta! God Bless! Friederic!
D: Okay, Cory, walk me through the seven.
C: Liesl, Friederic, Greta, Marta, Kurt, Luisa, and God Bless. That’s seven, right, Daddy?

Poor Brigitta is out. Hello, God Bless!

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