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Gimme the Glue

The twins explore science and art in the back yard.

C: Papa, can we have some fruit coloring?
P: No, Cory, we’re not doing that.
C: But, we need it for our experiment.
P: What experiment?
C: We are trying to pick up the sand. No, we are trying to turn the water a color. Can we please have fruit coloring?
P: No, Cory. You’ll get it all over your clothes.
C: Please! Please! Please!
D: No, Cory, you like that shirt and skirt. Food coloring will get all over them.
C: Oooooooh!

Ten minutes pass.

C: Daddy, can we ride our bikes up to the corner?
D: Why?
F: We need some berries up there for our experiment.
D: Sure.

They ride up there and return, with red berries and miniature pine cones. Ten more minutes pass.

F: Daddy, can we please have some fruit coloring?
D: No, guys, food coloring will stain your clothes. You aren’t playing with food coloring.

More than ten minutes later, Daddy sees them picking tomatoes and heads out to investigate.

D (standing over them): What are you guys doing?
C: We are trying to turn this water red. With fruit coloring.
F: Yah! We tried strawberries from the fridge and red berries from the street, but that only made it a little bit red.
D: I can see that.
C (holding up a ruined red marker): And, I tried this red marker.
F: And, the tomatoes are just making it orange.
C: Daddy, can we please have some fruit coloring?

Daddy surveys the growing mess, deciding that enough experimentation is enough, that a few drops of food coloring will turn the water red and end the intrigue…and the mess making. Drop, drop…red, soapy water and smiles. Ten minutes pass. Their chatter indicates that they’ve lost interest in making red, soapy water. Success.

Ten more minutes pass. More chatter, this time back to the subject of “picking up sand.” Daddy investigates.

There are papers, each with a design drawn on it in sand, all over the patio table and blowing all over the patio. They are using glue sticks to draw something before patting the paper face down in the sandbox and then laying them out to dry. A breeze has taken things from there.

C: Daddy, look. It’s a sun with three lightnings coming down from it.
F (holding out a glue stick): Here, Daddy, do you want to try?

One of the papers, with a sand smily face, lands in the bucket of “fruit-colored” water.

D (at least they aren’t fighting): Sure. Give me that glue, Fisher Bug.

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