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Georgia Why Buys?

Movement in the car next to me catches my eye. A cab has inched up, and the driver is gesticulating at me through the passenger-side window, which he has opened. Thinking he needs directions (who needs direction nowadays?), I turn down the radio and roll down my window.

Cabbie (through slow-moving traffic noises): Hey, fella. I been tryin’ to figure out the license plate.
D: Excuse me?
C: I been behind ya for a while, and I been tryin’ to figure out the license plate. I can’t make it out. What’s it mean?
D: Oh. When gay couples have children, their children are called “gaybies.”
C (making a motion with his arms and eyes indicating that he never would have guessed): Aha!

Space opens up in front of us. It gets noisier as traffic begins to move.

C (smiling): See, I thought it meant someone who bought [muffled].

He pulls away. I couldn’t make out the [muffled] part. (It kind of sounded like “Lugburz”, but I doubt that he thought “gaybies” means someone who buys dark towers.) He didn’t seem anti-gay, even seeming surprised that “gaybies” was connected to being gay at all. What could he have possibly said? Someone who bought…what?

Damn that traffic noise.

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