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Flea Structure

At the tail end of a successful six-week battle against a flea infestation of the house, courtesy of a couple hundred pounds of dog, Fisher asks at bedtime…

F:  Why the fleas like to bite me, but they don’t like to bite you and Cory, Daddy?
D:  Well, Cory and Daddy don’t have to worry about fleas or mosquitos whenever you or Papa is around because they like the taste of you guys better than us.


F:  Daddy, maybe those fleas like Papa and me better because Cory and you taste just a little bit sour.
D (smiling):  That could absolutely be why, Fisher.  I don’t know how I taste to a flea, but I might just taste just a little bit sour.

The next morning, as Daddy lathers some cortisone cream on what used to be bites on Fisher’s right side…

F:  Daddy, why aren’t you putting a ring of cortisone here (gesturing toward his wrists) and here (toward his ankles)?
D:  Well, because no fleas are going to get you during the daytime, silly goose.  They can’t keep up with you as you move around.
F:  They only try to get me while I’m sleeping?
D:  That’s right.  Because then you are lying still.  So, I put that cortisone there to taste yucky to a flea and keep them off o you.
F:  Do they jump on my body while I am sleeping?
D:  Yes, they did, but when we put the cream where your pajamas start, you don’t taste so good anymore, so they leave you alone even when you are lying down.  And, I think all of the fleas might be dead by now anyway.


F:  So, I am like a structure!
D:  A structure?
F:  I am like a structure.  For the fleas.  When I am sleeping.
D:  A structure?
F:  They just jump and play on me like my body is a structure for them.
D:  Oh, a play structure.  Yes, I guess you have been.
F (animated flourish with his hand down his right side):  And, I have a slide right here that those fleas just like to slide down all night, Daddy!

Great, positive attitude, cute even, now that this battle is won…but, um, still gross.

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