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First Fright Out

When the kids arrive at Uncle Pierce and Glenn’s house, Papa sends them all suited up to the porch to practice. The door opens, Uncle Pierce laughs through a first, makeshift trick-or-treat routine with them, and the kids march into the house to wait while the adults get ready to take them on their rounds. Winding Way is way too winding for Halloween night, and besides containing their uncles, West Menlo Park is entirely flat.

The adults grab their drinks (important to stay, um, hydrated), and everyone heads to the first house for “real” trick-or-treating. Cory plays shy, while Fisher has to be reminded after three rings of the doorbell, that once is enough. It’s still a little early, so it takes a minute, before a little princess opens up the door. Without skipping a beat, given their limited experience, Cory and Fisher march past her right into the house, Fisher making it almost to the living room and Cory into the foyer, before Papa can get them to stop. A woman arrives from downstairs (where she was suiting up her own kids), just smiling at the toddlers making themselves right at home before giving them a treat apiece. They come back outside, where Papa explains that they don’t get to go in every house like they get to go in Uncle Glenn and Pierce’s. They learn fast. Their first Halloween tricking and treating smoothes out from that point on.

Daddy sees plenty of superhero and princess costumes in the kids’ future but just can’t imagine any of those being much cuter than a bug and a bee.

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