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Family That Plays Together…

The twins have ratcheted up their roughhousing recently.

They usually alternate between crying (in earnest) and laughing (super hard). And it typically ends poorly. One day, Fisher walks away from the tussle and swings an arm back toward Cory, not realizing that she was following to get in a final push. BAM! Fist to the face, lip busted, tears. The next day, real screams of pain erupt from their room. An investigation reveals a very bloody finger that she bit, hard, with her remaining front tooth, but “only because he put it in my mouth, Papa!” More blood and tears. 

Papa introduces a non-contact game from his childhood.

He demonstrates it a couple times, in single-player fashion, lets them each give it a whirl, and then gets a phone call. The twins try to take turns.

“But, something went wrong! I pressed it, but it didn’t go. I get another turn!”

“But I only got to press it three times!”

Once in possession, neither wants to give it up. Daddy makes them hand it over…to him for a turn.

C: Daddy, see if you can get past 10.
F: The high score is 16.

At 10, they cheer. At 15, they are excited. At 20, they are amazed. At 25, they are super-annoyed. At 30, they hatch a plan.

She moves around behind Daddy’s chair to tickle. He climbs on the kitchen table to lean his face into Daddy’s.

F: Oh, I love you, Daddy! You are the best daddy! (Blocking the view as much as possible.) Give me a kiss, Daddy! (Face squarely in Daddy’s face.) I just love you, my Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!

He makes smoochy noises a half an inch from Daddy’s face. Daddy squirms to get Cory’s hands out of his pits, laughing at Fisher and trying to eyeball the Simon. They keep the attacks coming. Daddy messes up (intentionally) at almost 34.

F (faux disappointment): Ooooooooohhhh!
C (equally faux): That’s too bad!

Laughing, Daddy moves away to fold laundry. Their giggles and big smiles…fade rapidly, traded abruptly for an argument over who’s next. Daddy watches. The insults, most of them involving some form of the word “poop,” start. Daddy watches, fascinated. Early signs that it might get physical appear.

A family that “plays” together…busts lips and bites fingers together. Or something.

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