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Detective Marlowe

At breakfast, Cory asks Daddy to find a lost string of Mardi Gras beads. Daddy grabs a clipboard and introduces himself as Detective Marlowe, to which Cory responds that she’s “Lily.” Detective Marlowe wonders whether she is the infamous Lily, the one who always whines and won’t eat her eggs and gives her parents sassafrass and… Lily indicates no, she’s a different Lily. Detective Marlowe begins taking notes on the beads’ last known whereabouts: shiny, purple, round, had them this morning, maybe in a bedroom.

After Detective Marlowe recovers the beads, Lily would like to return to being Cory…but is informed that identities cannot simply be donned and discarded like dirty T-shirts, that she is Lily until proven otherwise, and that she’ll need to produce some evidence to corroborate her claim. Cory smiles. Fisher giggles.

Lily produces a picture with “Cory” written on the back that she claims to have drawn…and is informed that her possession of that picture, which Detective Marlow has never seen, is inconclusive. It will be submitted for consideration by a wider investigative body, identity theft becoming such a problem these days. They both giggle. Cory produces another picture that she is sure Daddy will remember her drawing for him…and is informed that the picture is nice but that Detective Marlowe is not Daddy and that the picture doesn’t indicate that Cory even drew it. Lily sneaks off to the art table and scribbles “Cory” on the picture, returning triumphant. Inconclusive. Off to the investigate committee, with note on possible forgery. Cory pulls her lips into a Mona Lisa smile. Huh. Stymied.

Fisher giggles.

C: But, I’m Cory!
F (giggling): No, you’re not. You’re Lily.
C: Fisher! Stop it! I am your sister, Cory!
F (smiling at her): No, you are Lily. Lily, where is my sister, Cory?

Detective Marlowe notes that Cory’s brother Fisher has identified the subject as Lily, not Cory. Off to the investigative committee. Cory grows concerned. She finds her backpack and points to the name written across it.

D: But, how do I know that this is indeed your backpack?

She opens up a pocket to show her Chapstick. Detective Marlowe is unimpressed.

C: But, Daddy! I am Cory!
D: We’ll see about that, Miss Lily.
C (hands up quizzically): I’m not Lily! I’m Cory! What can I show?
D: Well, Cory is known as a great hugger. If you could show that you can give one of her signature hugs, that might go a long way to convincing the investigative committee to issue a favorable decision.

She smiles and hugs Detective Marlowe.

D (mid-hug, mock recognition): Cory!
C (beaming at having won her case): Daddy!

F: No, that’s not Cory. That’s Lily.

Not everyone is convinced.

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