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Decision and Mystery

F: Can I have a Vitamin C for breakfast?
D: No, sorry, Fisher. We don’t have anymore.
F: Can you just make me one?
D: No, I can’t just make a vitamin, silly. No one can do that. You have to buy them from the store.
F: God, Jesus, and Mary can do that.
D: Make a Vitamin C?
F: Yes. They can do that because they made everything.
D: Well, I don’t think they would be interested in making you a Vitamin C in the morning.
F: They are heroes.
D: Oh, yah?
F: Superheroes. Magical superheroes. Because they made everything.


F: Daddy, did you make me?
D: Yes. Papa and I did.
F: But, didn’t God make me?
D: Well, it takes some decisions and some mystery to make a person. Papa and I made the decisions, and the rest requires a little bit of mystery.
F: God did the mystery?
D: You can think of it that way.


F: Daddy, what’s a “dision”?
D: A decision? That’s a choice. When you make a decision, you make a choice. Here, I’ll make a decision…um, I want Cheerios, not pillows, for breakfast. There, I made a choice.
F: Oh.
D: And, sometimes when you make a decision, like to have Cheerios, you know what you are going to get. You are going to get Cheerios. But, sometimes you make a choice and you don’t know what you are going to get. Like, if you decide to say “hello” to someone or you decide to go to soccer. You don’t know if the other person will say “hi” back or whether you will do well or get hurt at soccer. It’s a mystery. Papa and I decided to have you. But, it was a mystery what would happen. We made a choice. And you happened.
F: So, I’m a mystery?
D: Why, yes, you are.
F: Thanks for making that choice.
D: Cheerios?
F: No, thanks for having that de-shision to make me.
D: You’re welcome.


F: I don’t want Cheerios for breakfast, though. I don’t like Cheerios as much as I like pillows.
D: Yes, Fisher. Papa knows you like pillows better than Cheerios. No mystery there.

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