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Dawdle and Recover

Weekends definitely break the kids’ pattern. Birthday parties, visitors, later mornings and nights, too much sugar all replace the weekday routine of breakfast-school-dinner-bedtime-sleep. Papa handles every other morning, and Daddy occasionally has the luxury to allow a little dawdle-and-recover time on Mondays.

Last week, they got an inch and took a mile, transferring most of their own bedding onto Kohl’s new dog bed…

D: Come on, guys, it’s time to get ready for school.
F (rolling over): No, Daddy. Mommy says it’s reading time now.
D (glancing at C): And who is Mommy?
C (authoritative voice): I am. Now, Daddy, I am reading this book to Fisher, so it’s not time to go to school yet, okay? But, you can just sit down and listen.
F (babyish voice): Yah, Daddy, you can listen, too. Mommy is reading me that book.
C (turning a page): “See what I can do? I can put my spots on you.” He can put his spots on you iffin he wants to, Fisher.


C: Daddy, sit down please. I don’t like you standing there, okay? You have to pay attention so everyone can hear, okay?

Daddy sits on the bed, hiding a smile.

C (returning to the book in exaggerated fashion): So, “See what I can do? I can make my spots…”
D (interrupting): Can I take a picture of you two?
C: Yes, but just once because this is reading time, Daddy. Now, “I can make my spots…”

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