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Daddy, Papa, and Mary

After a morning of civics lessons devolving into mush, Daddy asks Cory and Fisher to summarize what they learned about today…

D:  So, why is today a special day, guys?
C:  Iffin you want to be good, you should say yes to let Daddy and Papa get Mary.  Mary is a nice girl.  (Smiling, well aware she’s being an imp.)  “No” is not a nice thing to say to her.  And iffin you say yes, she will come to our party for Daddy and Papa and dance and eat some cake.
D:  Fisher?
F:  Mitt Rom-en-ey says no to Daddy and Papa to get married. Those are not nice words to say. Er, uh, Daddy, who telled Mitt Rom-en-ey to go home?
D:  The voters told him.
F:  The boaters told Mitt Rom-en-ey to go home.  So, we can have a party with a big cake like in that book with the queen and the two princes, uh, er, and that big cake has cupcakes on it, right, Daddy?
D:  Exactly, Fisher.

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