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Cory’s Tweets

Had Cory been tweeting (edited to remove the “…, right?” at the end of each sentence)…

C: They are talking about getting married.

C: They are talking about you and Papa getting married.

C: We can get married now.

C: Barack Obama just said that you and Papa can get married now.

C (seeing a picture flash up on the screen while a reporter talks about the delay in the Prop 8 decision because Scalia is foaming at the mouth): Who is that bad man?

C (after Scalia’s picture is taken down): Go back, Daddy! I want to see that bad man again!

C: They are cheering because our family can get married now.

C: That bad man was angry because he is wrong.

C: I’m bored.

Then, she would have gone suddenly silent, as Daddy or Papa takes away all privileges due to arrival of the once-a-morning meltdown. Fisher’s Twitter feed would have been silent all along. He was more interested in his LeapPad than what happens on television shows “that aren’t for kids, Daddy.”

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