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Conquering Her Knots

After dinner, Daddy washes dishes, Fisher bounces on the trampoline, and Cory fumes.

C (frustrated): But, I can’t get this out, and no one is helping me!
D (for the third time): Cory, just a second. I’m finishing the dishes. My hands are wet. As soon as I’m done, I’ll…
C: One! That’s…
D: help you. If you are just…
C: …a second. And, you are not even helping me.
D: …patient and work at it, I’m sure you can get those shoes untied.
C: I tried, Daddy, and I can’t.
F (arriving at the back door): Cory, will you come jump on the trampoline with me?
C (a little pathetic): I’m trying, Fisher, but no one is helping me untie my shoes.
F (looking down to assess the situation): Oh, I could help you with your shoes, Cory!
C: You can?
F: Uh huh. Come! Come with me, okay, Cory?
C: Okay.
F: Come!

She follows him out to the trampoline.

F (faded voice): Sit down right here, Cory, so I could help you.

She complies. For a few minutes, they babble to each other, mostly about the knots and what they’re going to do after Fisher conquers them. Only half of what they say is audible. He works at her laces as they talk. They must be some serious knots after all. In a show of success, her shoes fly up and hit the side of the netting, eventually making it over. Part one of their plans apparently involved chucking them over the rim, rather than through the opening.

C: Thanks, Fisher.
F: Oh, you’re welcome, Cory!
C: Now, watch this! I am going to…

The two move on to executing the rest of their plans, which involve a lot of bouncing.

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