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Colors Are Colors

C: Daddy, Fisher’s favorite color is pink.
D: Yah, I like pink, too.
C: But, pink is a girl color.
F (through a mouthful): No, it’s not.
C: Yes, it is.
F: Daddy, there is no such thing as er, eh, uh a girl color, right?
D: That’s right, Fisher. Colors are colors.
C: But pink is girl’s color. Boys are supposed to like purple, and girls like pink.
D: There is no “supposed to” when it comes to colors, Cory. Everyone likes what he or she likes.
C: But, pink is for girls.


D: But, Cory, what is your favorite color right now?
C (slowly, sensing a trap): Blue.
D: Some people say that blue is for boys.
C (trapped): But…
D: The people who say that are usually the same people who say pink is only for girls, so…


C: Fisher, you can like pink.
F: I already know that, thank you really much.

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