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Buh-Bye, BART Cars

One of the twins’ camp themes is “San Francisco.”

On Friday, they bring home the BART cars and cable cars that they each built and have been describing all week. A bit surprised with her technical merit and his artistic impression, Daddy offers mild praise for each in both categories. The cars come with two two-and-a-half foot ramps made out of cardboard with twine and pulleys and popsicle sticks and table and other stuff. Together with the cars, it all amounts to a rickety mess. 

The cars begin the final stages of their journey: a week on the table in the house (available for tinkering, coming and going), a week in the garage out of sight (recoverable if it dawns on them that they’ve gone missing), and then into the recycle bin (buh-bye).

The Week Two theme is music. A handmade harmonica, a stick-and-string contraption worn on the body that beats a drum as they walk (a la Bert from Mary Poppins), and various other makeshift instruments soften any anxiety caused by separation from the San Francisco cars…before they too start the final stages of the journey to…


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