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Boy-Girl Twins Rock

C (one day): Penelope was just mean to me today. She said, “Why do you have to sit next to Gavin? You always sit next to Gavin. And, I don’t like you, Cory.” That’s not nice, right, Daddy? Penelope sometimes isn’t my friend.
C (roughly the next): Penelope is so much fun because we just played Wonder Woman and that means we ran around the tan bark and the boys just try to get away but they can’t because I am faster, well, I am faster than Penelope, too, but that’s okay because she’s so much fun and…
F (both days): Well, I like Penelope.

C (one day): Daddy, sometimes Gavin just likes to touch me and hold my hand, like, all the time, and I just don’t like that because we aren’t supposed to touch each other at school and I just can’t hold Gavin’s hand all day, right, Daddy? I don’t like that.
C (roughly the next): Gavin always wants to sit next to me and I like that because Pierce and I have so much fun, and he is so nice, and, Daddy? Daddy, can we play with Gavin and Bertrand right now?
F (both days): Yah, I like Gavin, Daddy.

C (one day): But, Daddy!! Hortense was not being nice! She just didn’t give me a turn to paint that pony, and she had that pony for a long time and Hortense just doesn’t give other people turns, and I don’t like that. She is not my friend.
C (roughly the next, after Hortense has run over to bear-hug her good-bye, promising to see Cory tomorrow): Hortense is so nice, Daddy, because we just played the balloon game together and, see, so first, you…
F (both days): Hortense is my friend.

Boy-girl twins rock.

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