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Bopping on Boppies

Papa is definitely bearing the brunt of baby fatigue in these early days, doing the hard feedings — midnight and 3 a.m. — while Daddy takes the late evening (9 p.m.) and the early morning (6 a.m.).  It is hard on anyone to have their routine consistently disrupted, and Papa functions much better on shorter stretches of sleep.

To jazz up the morning session, after bottles and burps, Daddy puts the twins on their boppies, plays some tunes, and gets them ready to “dancercise.”  Daddy takes their pastel blankets, one in each hand, and shakes them to the beat (usually some dance version of Madonna’s “Music”) over their boppies, while they stare and wiggle.  It is when Daddy drops the blanket far enough down that it brushes lightly against them, that smiles break out.  At the end of the “routine,” Daddy starts with the blankets above their heads and then draws them toward him so that the entire length of the blanket passes lightly and slowly over their faces and bodies.  Rinse and repeat…it is hard to imagine these little blobs looking any happier than in those moments.

Sometimes the dancercising tuckers them out and the blankets brushing over their heads, faces, and bodies lulls them back toward sleep, and sometimes Daddy just drops the blankets on their bellies to let them enjoy their little catnap…

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