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Big Fingers

A mother of one of Cory’s classmates stops Daddy after kindergarten drop-off.

M (mid-chat): Listen, I have to tell you. I just love Cory’s braids! They are so intricate.
D: Yah, she likes to have her hair up every once in a while.
M (laughing): Well, I love it, especially because my husband can’t braid Svea’s hair at all. And I tell him that Cory has *two* daddies, and *she* comes to school with the most amazing braids.
D: Well, if you notice, Cory always wears braids on Tuesday.
M: Tuesday?
D: You see, we have someone come to help clean the house on Tuesday, and she’s been with us for years. Cory loves to have Mirna braid her hair.
M (laughing): Oh! Darn it!
D: Yah, we’ve convinced Cory that neither Papa nor Daddy can braid because, um, our fingers are too big, but…
M: Is that what she calls you two, Papa and Daddy?
D (laughing with her): Yep. Truth is, we could learn to braid but just haven’t. We rely on the fact that our fingers are supposedly too big. Bad dads, I guess.
M: Well, her Tuesday braids are so beautiful! I’ll have to tell my husband…or maybe I won’t.

Have to keep after it with the “big fingers.” At least Cory just loves, loves, loves the practice sessions…

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