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A Bigger Boat?

It is Cory who tries to throw the throttle open this time. Papa catches it in time. Later in the week…

C: Daddy, are we going on the boat today?
D: No, silly, today is a school day. You are going to school.
C: But, you can pick us up early to go on the boat.
D: No can do, Cory Bee. No can do.


C: Daddy, are we getting a bigger boat?
D (looking over): No! Our boat is plenty big.
C: Papa says we need a bigger boat. One that is 44.
D: No, our boat is just the right size.
C (smiling): I want a bigger boat, and iffin we don’t get a bigger boat, I…
D: Let me stop you right there, Cory, because we aren’t getting a bigger boat, so be careful how you finish that sentence. (Pause.) Now, come on over to the hair station. I’ve got just the thing for that rat’s nest today.

Cory harrumphs…but still smiles…almost as if someone has put her up to this conversation. There’ll be no bigger boat.

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