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No More Money

Fisher bursts out crying in the backseat…

D (slowing down even further): Fisher, what’s the matter?
F (through tears): Now, we aren’t going to have any money, and we won’t be able to, er, uh, eh, buy anything anymore!
D: Oh, no, Fisher, that’s not true. Daddy doesn’t keep all of our money in his wallet! We have more money in the bank. We can go get some.
F (still crying): But, you won’t have your card!
D: No, it’s okay, Fisher. I can get money from the bank without an ATM card. We definitely still have money. We just don’t have my wallet, but that’s okay.

Fisher keeps crying, Daddy failing to distinguish “lost wallet” from “bankruptcy.”

D (switching tactics): Fisher, you need to stop crying right now! If you have tears in your eyes, you won’t be able to see through them. (Fisher quiets down some.) And, if you can’t see, you can’t help Cory and me look for Daddy’s wallet.  (Quieter.) We need all six eyes to look for the wallet, Fisher; so, can you please calm your mind and calm your body and focus on looking for Daddy’s wallet on your side of the road?
F (back on track): Okay.

Earlier, after a missed dentist’s appointment, Daddy had put his iPhone and wallet on the roof of the car to buckle the kids back in…and pulled away, arriving home about 20 minutes later to realize that the phone and wallet are missing. Dr. Nola, several members of her staff, as well as a nearby dry cleaner, helped Daddy and the twins sleuth it out, leading to recovery of the phone, which slid down the back window to become lodged in the crack between the glass and the trunk. No luck with the wallet, though. Daddy and the twins piled back in the car to drive super slow and scour the road looking for it, when Fisher, sure of financial devastation, broke down. He’d been fragile all day, randomly breaking out into shoulder-shaking tears several times.

A good samaritan, an emergency contact card, and a few phone calls to and from Papa puts Daddy’s wallet, sans the cash, back in Daddy’s hands, but Fisher’s fragility lasted through Saturday morning soccer, where a late-breaking tummy ache sidelines him for the week.

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