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Blowing Out Davenport

Typical summer Saturday, sitting outside an ice cream shop, Cory runs down the sidewalk of the outdoor mall and stops, staring into some store down a bit. When she comes running back…

D: What store were you staring into, Cory?
C (through a bite of ice cream): A haircutting place.
F: Daddy, can I get my hair cut today?
D: No, you don’t need…

Cory races back down there, staring in and gesturing occasionally, clearly interacting with someone. After the gang’s all done, we walk down that way and stop in front of the blow-dry bar that she’s been fascinated with. The stylist working on a client at the very front smiles at Cory, and now Daddy and Fisher. Fisher starts climbing on a bicycle next to that shop, from which Daddy tries to disengage him. When successful, he glances down to see Cory interacting with the stylist and her client. Daddy glances at that client…um, Lindsay Davenport.

Daddy tells the twins later that that woman in the chair was once the best female tennis player in the world, that the other day, when at the tournament at Stanford, she was wearing a red dress (Daddy had pointed her out), and that she was probably getting her hair done before going on TV again. After a pause…

C: Why does she get her hair blowed dry before playing tennis?
D: She’s not going to play tennis; she’s going to comment on the tennis match. She tells people what’s happening.
C: And she’s the number one at that?
D: Yes, she’s good at it, but she was the best tennis player in the world, when she played tennis.
C: But, why does she wear that red dress to play tennis in?
D: No, she…

Whatever. Clearly, unimpressed, as they should be, at four and a half. Now, if it had been Dora getting her hair blown out…

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